Just another day at the club

This article is about the daily happenings at the Westlancs boxer club. So today was just a normal regular day at our club. We had the group meeting in the morning which consists of roll call, and some training for our boxers. The boxers are relatively easy dogs to train, you just have to be really consistent. Some of the drills that we did were setting obviously, as well as doing rollover drills and hopping skipping and jumping drills. We had the dog obstacle course and we distracted the whole time to make sure that they were ready to go for the competition. So after the training was over we all went out to eat at this little dog grooming café thing. There’s one located on the north side of town, and they offer all kinds of good dog food and dog snacks. We really enjoy the environment there and that’s where we usually meet after we have a training. The training last about 2 to 3 hours, because most of us are retired and don’t have anything else to do all day. So we treat train our dogs which is fine but again nothing else to do. And we go out to that dog restaurant, because we have nothing else to do that’s what our life. Revolves around. Next, as a board member of the Westlanc boxer club, we have a board meeting every other day.

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Weslancs Boxer Club: Super excited about our site!

Hey guys, we are super excited to have started this blog, and we want to share with you some pretty cool tips that we’ve learned for training our boxers to behave well and to be a great companion in your life. Some boxers could be very annoying, and others can be violent but if you trained him or from young age and early enough you should be able to nip their bad habits and for them to be the old mega instead of the Alpha. Dogs are just so much fun and we are absolutely thrilled to share our knowledge with you about the potential fun that you can have.

I myself as the president of the club and very excited to be starting this new endeavor. We hope to share with you a lot of different aspects of owning a boxer and being in our club as well as the sum of the events that are going on and how you can join our club and have fun with us as well. Of course your boxer are always welcome. There’s no doubt in my mind that boxers are the best kind of dogs out there.

They are easily trained, super fun, superfast, and just basically overall totally awesome. You can even run them for days and they won’t get tired. They have call hind legs which means they’re going to be healthy and live a long, long healthy life and they don’t really bother you unless you want to be bothered. Which is awesome because they’re very very loving too. So no matter what,  if you come home and you’ve had a bad day or regardless of whatever happens. Those dogs always be there to love you.

Of course, that is, if you train them properly and if they’re not aggressive. If there are aggressive, or antisocial, they will show signs of violence and you will need to get those habits so you can enjoy them better. Boxers I will need a lot of exercise which is one of the only downfall is, if you’re lazy person, then you’re going to have to work extra hard to make sure that you exercise them constantly. One of the best things you can do is to roll on rollerblades or to go riding on a bike, and to have them pull you on it. That could be done for an hour a day and you can probably get 5 to 10 miles an ass compared if you walk you’re going to be looking at 2 to 3 miles max especially if you’re fat old and lazy.

Exercise will help calm the nerves of your dog and also help them behave better and you can train them better when their exercise. Never take a box or any dog that matter to a dog park without exercising them. You should not exercise them if they are also miss behave. So the exercise going to play a huge part in properly him to behave well. And that’s what we all want is just that they behave well and that they are our loving little adorable pets and a growing to be responsible chair pads that we just love with all of our hearts. And there are some boxers actually can be therapy dogs but most the time they’re just personal pets that we love to play with all the time. For example look at this well behaved boxer.


Look how much fun they’re having together. This can be you and you could learn how to do all this and more if you join our club. So that being said, I am super excited to welcome you to the Westland boxer club and for you to possibly be a member and for you to enjoy all this information that I’m going to be sharing with you in the coming days and coming blog posts.